The Complete Diabetes Lifestyle


The Complete Diabetes Lifestyle by Donna Kay with Maribeth Stephens is now available. Order your copy now and be one of the first to receive this important book for yourself or a loved one. Learn what you need to know about the newest model in patient / doctor communication called BUILD TRUST, as described by Donna Kay and her endocrinologist, Dr. Bradd Silver.

Being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes often comes as a shock. But it is also your chance for a complete lifestyle makeover - one easy step at a time. Loaded with humor, practical tips, mind-body wisdom, motivational strategies, and real-life emotion, this book demystifies diabetes and it is your personal coach as you tinker, tune, and adjust your way into a new lifestyle. The Complete Diabetes Lifestyle helps you:

  1. Know what it really means to have type 2 diabetes as explained by a diabetes lifestyle coach.

  2. Create your individual diabetes management plan.

  3. Empower yourself with lasting changes for a better life.

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